My first blog is a little overdue because, not gonna lie, I’ve been going through it these past couple of weeks and I’m just trying to get myself on a schedule to balance all the things I need to accomplish this semester.

     Speaking of this semester, Creative Thesis is going to be taking up a lot of my time so I really need to buckle down and begin putting things together for it. My idea for this project is to create a portfolio / novel of a series of “video haikus” I film and edit together that represent a chapter of my life that affected me in some way. This way it will be a cool biography of my life but through meditative pieces rather than a cohesive book that gets published.

    This idea stemmed off a vision of mine to create videos from “another” perspective. I love taking videos of other people and not of myself because I think I capture “the other’s” voice and image really well. I also thought that maybe having me taking more meditative piece will be easier but just add text to piece would make it come together.

     I wanted to combine my writing skills and video skills into one cohesive piece which is why I leaned towards video haikus because the editing is simple but I can create really strong pieces if I have a few. I am very indecisive too so creating multiple pieces will allow me to future a multitude of my work rather than a singular cohesive piece.