I have made quite a bit of progress with my fashion line so far. I already have two finished pieces. The first piece I finished is a t-shirt that I got at a thrift store. I decided to DIY the t-shirt by taking tweezers to the seams. This technique gives the top a distressed, cobweb-like look. The second article of clothing I finished is a crocheted balaclava/headwrap. I used recycled yarn and a 30mm crochet hook. When creating these pieces I realized that it was pretty time-consuming. Because of this, I plan to attempt a few different techniques including sewing and knitting, and crocheting with larger tools. I hope that I can keep this momentum going and finish at least two pieces a week. In total, I would like the collection to be a minimum of twenty pieces. In addition to the finished pieces, I have done a lot of preparatory work. This includes collecting fabric from thrift stores, donation bins, and friends. Along with obtaining fabric I have collected recycled yarn and made ‘plarn’ (plastic yarn). I don’t know if I’ll be using the ‘plarn’ for this project but it could be fun. I’ve only worked with ‘plarn’ once and it was a nightmare so for the sake of my mental wellbeing, I might stay away from that. The color scheme of the line so far is muted and earth tones. I hope to keep this theme, as I’m going for a subversive basics look. Attached is a photo of me modeling my finished pieces.