The wheels have started spinning and things are lining up. I am printing out physical copies of my script to have on hand. I emailed the Arcadia Theater department looking for extras and am still waiting to hear back. I emailed housing and have started the process of gaining access to an Oak apartment to use as one of my filming locations and to act as a permanent set for a couple days. I have two actors who are 100% guaranteed to stay on the project, and they have both worked on film projects before so I’m very excited to work with them both. My brother has been composing the score using my script and a playlist of inspiration that he put together, and the songs he has roughly mixed are amazing. I’m working on finishing up a full schedule for the rest of the year (up until thesis presentations) and I’m really excited to see how efficiently I can get this done. 

I also applied for the Roy W. Dean spring film grant just to see if it would be picked for their MANY services and cash awards. It’s a shot in the dark but there is no harm in trying. Hopefully I should start shooting soon and begin an editing outline of each of the three acts on Premiere including title cards, chat-room scenes and the prop emails. I have commissioned some props (a book cover for Sybil’s book and a promotional poster for her book signing) from alum Madison Cline and let me tell you, they are GORGEOUS, I can’t wait to see the printed versions and maybe film the final scene first to get it out of the way. In the final scene I needed someone to do a news report, so I decided I could hire someone online to do it and there’s literally like hundreds of voice actors on Fiverr who could do it for upwards of $25, which is so within my extremely low budget. Hopefully by the next blog update I will be in full clipboard mode and have a million finalized documents and emails to reply to.