The Arcadia Baseball team is only a couple of days away from starting live action again, it may not count yet but they’re finally outside. This weekend the Knights are heading to Diamond Nation and Gynedd Mercy University. The focus this weekend is not on winning or losing, even though that is always the goal at hand, it is more about evaluation than anything else. In just 10 days, the Knights baseball season will officially begin, sparking the fire in every single player on the team. The team has a couple starters they are thinking about throwing into the mix this year, backed up by reigning Pitcher of the Year Luke Fournier, hard throwing righties Hunter Curley and Carson Denham, new transfer division 1 pitcher Hunter Sibley, and attempting to make a starter out of junior pitcher Zach Steiger. 

This week is also the last chance for hitters to make a good impression before the first lineup card is created. There are always instances where the lineup changes throughout the season, but when deciding on the first one, it is important for the hitters to be on their game at all times to impress coach Bryan Torresani. Torresani is looking for the gritty hitters who don’t shy away from getting hit by the ball, don’t strike out a lot, and can make tough at bats, battling every pitch. The Knights have some outstanding hitters coming back, and have some new ones as well that just came in. They have first team all conference junior Alex Madera, 2nd team Connor Cheeseman, transfer infielder and outfielder Brandon Colon and Matt Donchez, Justin Massielo, and returning sophomore Emilio Pallante who have made great progress. It is always a struggle for Torresani to make these decisions as creating a lineup card is a very sacred act.