So far, I’m developing my idea for my thesis in order to get a better understanding of the direction I want to go in the next couple of months. Last check-in, I had decided that I wanted to do a project based around photography. Now, I’m looking more into the theme or direction of this project. Recently, I have reflected on what interests me the most to study through a photographic lense. I’ve been practicing taking different kinds of photos and I seem to havebeen focusing a lot on trash. This is a direction that I want to look into further and possibly decide to make into my final thesis project theme. I have been walking around my neighborhood a lot and I notice a lot of interesting trash and objects that end up on the streets. These make interesting photographs graphically, but also show a deeper understanding of the people who discard this waste. It also provides a commentary on the amount of waste that people make, and the ways in which they are discarded. I think compiling a bunch of different types of these photos will end up making for a really interesting group of work. I hope to expand upon this theme by also photographing trash in different areas, possibly making them into sculptural pieces, or repurposing them. As of now, I plan to mainly focus on color photography and my end project will result in a photobook and some hanging pieces that I can display during thesis night.