My vision for this project is a maze that will wind through Murphy Hall and function as a metaphor for getting into college. The process of applying to different colleges, meeting with advisors, getting letters of recommendation and so on is insanely complicated. My maze will reflect this, there will plaques on the floor printed on clear paper explaining what each task represents, as there will be stations set up throughout the rooms I have access to. Some examples of these tasks are “stop here and jump up and down three times, then move forward.” The tasks will be simple but confusing, and there may or may not be a point to them. There will also be some dead ends and some loops, partially to make it more interesting to go through and partially to show that the process of getting into college does come with dead ends and going in circles. The maze will be constructed with tape pathways on the floor so as to minimize how disruptive it will be to any other projects going on.