As I am sitting here writing this blog post, my head is scattered with ideas of what I want to do for my creative thesis project. I just simply have too many ideas and I am honestly having a hard time picking the one I want to spend my semester working on.  Do I do something related to my travels, do I make a documentary, do I make a short film, do I make a video essay, do I do something related to dance… what do I do?!?!

In the past when I would think about my senior year of college, I knew that whatever I did I would give it my all and go out with a bang. I want my creative thesis to be memorable but also to be a presentation of what I have learned throughout my time at Arcadia. I hope to be able to create something that I will be proud of and something that I can look back on in the future and see how far I’ve come.

Dear Future Me, You got this!