Vision Statement:

So far, it has been a little difficult to think of thesis ideas. I want to base the concept of my creative thesis on my thesis paper, bell hooks. hooks is extremely influential and our curriculum is based on a lot of her principles. She recently passed away and I want to use my creative thesis as a small tribute to her in some form. I thought about using her quotes from the past in some sort of medium but I think I would rather use her influence to discover more artistic talent. I think I would like this project to be collaborative, involving poetry and students who would volunteer their work as a part of the tribute. I am unsure if I would like to make a book of these poems, making a story of the different pieces and pairing them with photographs I would take or the same concept with a video. I talked to my friend who is a poetry student and she assured me that people would love participating in a project like this, so my first step would be to contact professors with this idea. I
think I would ask for women poets to coincide with the hooks tribute. So far, this idea would serve as a narrative and I am more worried about nailing the execution of this idea and giving the proper credit to each participant.