Learn to PIVOT!

What happens when life throws you a curveball?
What do you do when things happen you don’t expect?

It’s fairly simple…Download the APP!

ANALYZE where you are and how you got there.
I have been on a journey to complete my Bachelors degree for 20 years. This has been a journey that my family has encouraged me to complete for some time now. When COVID came along, I knew this would be the season I would finally finish. In my mind this would be no problem! A virtual work and classes and class schedule would work perfectly. So I registered!

I am almost at the end of the semester and BAM I get a call that my brother had a massive stroke. A few days later I would be planning his memorial service. My heart is broken, my emotions are all over the place, and for weeks the tears won’t stop flowing enough for me to focus on the rest of my life responsibilities.
I had to stop and Analyze! He would want me to finish as strong as possible. He would want me to manage my feelings and focus on completion. Time to write a plan to pivot.

The amount of tasks I am currently responsible to manage is at an all time high. Work is a creative demand, school work is intense, I have parent and wife duties, and now my sister assigns me the tasks to creatively design a website and organize the service. There has to be a way to combine tasks to fulfill my responsibilities.

In order to get past any sudden blow or unexpected event, you must first allow yourself grace and patience. Some things take time to heal and process through. Next, figure out the appropriate steps or supports you need to put in place to move forward. Then prepare to pivot.

After you figured out how to reinvent yourself it’s time to make the adjustments to push forward with the plan to success.

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