One year and four months, 216 pages, and 50 articles later, the print edition celebrating Loco Mag reaching the 50th issue milestone is finished. I worked on this through school being closed and going online and for a year this project was on the back burner. It was stressful, overwhelming, and at many times I wanted to give up on it. With the pandemic, it became increasingly difficult to dedicate myself to getting this project done. I’m so glad I was able to complete this as my creative project, so that I could allot the time and effort to finish it. Seeing the finished product made it all worth it.

Recently, I attended my last Loco Mag meeting as a staff member. Especially with being an Editor in Chief this past year, it was an emotional meeting. I was sad to say goodbye to the magazine and all of the staff I’ve gotten close with during my time on staff. It made me thankful that I created this project and can leave it behind for new members to view and see Loco Mag’s development.

I have uploaded the PDF file to where it can be read in a digital format. It has also been sent away to get printed, and I will have a physical copy in a few days. It was a big undertaking, and I had to suffer through many long hours of getting InDesign to cooperate, but it was worth it.

I would like to present to you “50: Celebrating 50 Issues of Loco Mag”