I spent time searching the internet for pictures to add to the slideshow for the senior website page. The slideshow will be pictures of villains with quotes. Some of the pictures will be of the villains that I wrote about in my Senior Thesis paper. Speaking of the Senior Thesis paper, while doing research I found a lot of information on the topic “Villains”. I used books, watched clips of films told from the villain’s point of view and viewed papers online. I am writing about three different villains: Maleficent, The Joker and Thanos. Their stories support my argument in the position paper. Although I did find a lot of information on the topic, I am having trouble organizing the paper. I want to use everything I find; my indecisiveness is slowing down the process. Hopefully, I will complete the paper soon so I can focus on the creative project and the website. I have started to write my poems for the creative project, but I am having a hard time finishing the poems. I think I have writer’s block. I cannot finish one assignment before starting another one. I know once I start to complete assignments and see my accomplishments, I will get motivated. I know I am not the only one that is ready for the semester to be over. I did make some progress, but I have so much more to do. I must work on my time management skills, because like I stated before the semester is winding down and it is crunch time.