I’ve been working hard on my thesis the past couple of weeks. I am happy to say that I have formatted all articles and have finished putting together the final booklet. Turns out a 50 article magazine is long (about 210 pages). And will take a couple of days to edit. Over the rest of this week, I will finish any last formatting edits and begin to construct a plan for publishing/printing. I will upload the document to Issue.com and am hoping to be able to print a copy somewhere as well. It’s been a lot of long hours and hard work, but I am already starting to feel the satisfaction of a completed project. This magazine memorializes a part of my undergraduate experience that has been very important to me, so I’m happy to see it coming together. 

The other part I’ve been working on is creating a cover. I want something classic, yearbook style that will capture all the important details: Loco Mag’s logo and that it’s a celebration of 50 issues. Here is the working cover.