The Local Community Resource Center, or the LCRC, is a Black women led mutual aid organization in Germantown. They started at the beginning of the pandemic feeding local children and families, providing voter registration and voter support, as well as providing access to resources for the community.

The LCRC uses space rented by The Local Newspaper, a progressive local news outlet in Germantown. This space is owned and landlord by Connie WInters, who has been terrorizing the LCRC organizers, both Black women. She has attacked them with verbal racism, brought a dog on them, stolen their sign, and told them “Black lives do not matter to me”.

All of this hate has since culminated into the landlord locking both The Local and the LCRC out of the property illegally, and locking their resources, food, and information they needed to plan a vaccination event in the building.

This video is the intro to a longer form piece about the experiences of the organizers at the LCRC, as well as documenting the violence from the landlord. This piece serves to protect the community from Connie, as well as to highlight the extraordinary work the LCRC is doing, even in the face of racism and bullying.