The past few weeks have been quite productive. I ventured to a tiny town in New York for a photo shoot and will be traveling a bit South to find more abandoned/run down places, but now I am beginning to concern myself how many photos I would like to include in my photo book. I have at least 500 images by now that have become tedious to edit and place in my book. There are a few categories that my photos fit in: doors, chairs, exteriors, interiors, and miscellaneous. Whether they will be separated by subject or included randomly is very, very unknown at the moment. Fortunately, I love my images that I have and I hope to grow the collection until my book needs to be printed in late April. These days I am looking for any and all input which I’m hoping to receive from friends in my upcoming class meetings but also from my family members who may not understand photography but understand who I am as a photographer. 

*pictured above: a staircase to nowhere.