Hi everyone! I’ve gotten through my depressive slump and the anxiety I was feeling about post-graduation life has turned to excitement. This coming August, I’ll be moving to Newark, Delaware to pursue an MA in Communications at University of Delaware. As my father and paternal grandmother are both UD alumni, it’s safe to say that my family members are also excited about this next step. Though I am eager to continue my education, I can hardly believe that my time in Glenside is coming to a close. When I enrolled in the Global Media Studies program at Arcadia, I could’ve never anticipated all of the experiences I’ve since had. The most impactful of all took place during my third year, when I studied abroad at University of Westminster in London. My time spent in England shaped me and allowed my curiosity for media to extend across global and cultural boundaries. While writing my final feature piece at Westminster, I interviewed a number of fabulous women who were working through the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Through hearing these women’s stories, my interest in the representation of women in media was born. Another current research interest of mine is LGBTQ+ representation in popular culture. As a bisexual woman who has personally experienced erasure and the difficult process of coming out to loved ones, I think it important that members of the LGBTQ+ community are accurately depicted in television, film, and other media products. In realizing that bisexual persons are often not portrayed in popular culture, I hope to conduct research into existing representation during my time at UD. The undergraduate finish line is finally in sight! Here’s to hoping that everyone is enjoying the end of this ride as much as I am.