The past two weeks I have been working on setting up interviews and conducting them for stories. I interviewed my sister Megan as she graduated from nursing school in 2020 and could give me more insights on graduating completely virtual, how the whole transition was, and how it was finding a job through the pandemic and her experience in the medical field. I have also interviewed my cousin Kerry. She also graduated in 2020 with a degree in environmental science. She was someone who was not able to get a job after graduation, so I wanted to get insights into that and how she spends her time and how she got more involved playing video games. Julia, a friend of mine, is graduating this year as someone who picked up quite a few hobbies during quarantine lockdowns in the summer. I spoke to her about how she got into them, what she has made, and tips for others who want to pick up hobbies like she did. I also want to cover some stories on mental health so I have reached out to Amy Henning, the director of counseling services at Arcadia, to learn more about how students are handling that. I am in the process of setting up a time to meet with her. I will also reach out to some other friends about how their mental health was impacted. I am still brainstorming some more article ideas. I want to look into sports, life on campus, life from home, and I really want to find some freshman I can talk to about not only graduating online, but starting college online.