think I’ve outdone myself this time. I have managed to secure not only several low profile yet highly talented voice actors to lend their voices to the project free of charge, but I have also found a way to get Steve Downes who is the actual voice actor for Master Chief in the Halo games to lend his voice to my film with some original lines. There is a website/app by the name of CAMEO that many famous voice actors and celebrities have signed up for and in exchange for cash payments they will send you a personalized message. My idea was to reach out to Steve Downes and provide him with around 5 sentences I wanted him to say for my film. As of right now I am awaiting a response.

The reason this works so perfectly is not just because he is the original voice of the character, but because Master Chief never takes off his helmet in the games and so I don’t need to do so in my movie, removing the need for a game accurate looking actor. In addition to this, not having to show the actor’s face means I can layer Steve Downes’ audio perfectly over myself in the Master Chief costume and you would never know it wasn’t Steve in the suit. I can always do the voice myself if I need to, but I’d rather not if I can get the real deal to do it instead.

The other actors I have recruited are mostly from around the YouTube sphere of content creators, but they are just as talented as any professional actors I could have found. With this short film being set on a planet I made up I can create original characters (with the exception of Master Chief), and those characters can be tweaked and modified to match the vocal talents of my new actors. Since their work will be purely vocal, it also saves me a lot of time and money that I really don’t have anyway with how much work I am doing.

I can’t wait till this thing is finished, and with the real Master Chief actor on my side, I believe this film will be the best I have ever made.

Below you can see a picture of the Master Chief Actor Steve Downes and more images from the set of Halo Acheron.

Published by gallantecho

I’m a Senior at Arcadia University who majors in Media Communications and am an aspiring voice actor. I have made a lot of great connections within the world of entertainment and business media, and I’m looking forward to using what I have learned to make my long time dream Halo Acheron a reality.

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