Photo by Alex Bertha

Interview, Interviews, Interviews

Recently I’ve been focusing on reaching out to experts and setting up interviews that I could use in my podcasts. Once I finish with the interviews, then I’ll know what needs to be said by myself in the podcasts and can record the episode around the interviews. So far, I’ve interviewed Dr. Robinson who is a New Jersey State Climatologist and a professor at Rutgers. He talked about the importance of climate and measuring climate and weather on determining when to have controlled burns. On Friday I’ll be meeting with Dr. Howard from Arcadia to get background on what controlled burns are and the importance of them connected to other species. On Monday I am meeting with someone from the forest service who runs and plans controlled burns. I will also be setting up a meeting in the next week with a Native American culture expert to discuss Native American forest management practices. I plan to finish these interviews in the next week and then begin to record my own podcast segments, this weekend I will hopefully write scripts for two of them since I will have two interviews finished.

It’s been really interesting reaching out to people and doing research on experts in the area to see how much is really connected to forests and controlled burns. There are so many aspects to them and so much that goes into the planning, execution, and study of them, that I know I won’t be able to talk about everything, but I can hopefully give a pretty good overview for people who don’t know anything about controlled burns or who want to learn more.