With time winding down and every day inching closer to the day but my whole thesis has to be finished, I found myself pivoting on what my whole project was going to be. As I was writing the poems and picking apart exactly what I wanted from them, I started to realize that my initial plan of turning them into poetry videos wasn’t going To mash very well with the style poems I was creating. These poems are shaping up to be The type that are better when read and seen on a page. 

so, what does that mean for my overall project? Well, that means I am pivoting into a digital poetry website rather than creating individual videos. This way, the poems really do become the star, as they are demanding they be. Who am I to deny my poems what they seem to want? some poems are just better being looked at on the screen, and creative visuals and connections can still be made.

now that I have a clearer Vision of exactly what I want my project to turn into, it really is becoming crunch time. It’s time that I get these poems into the final stage and start really setting them up visually to make sure that they are exactly where I want them to be when I need them to be.