I have been in Loco Mag for three years. I started on staff the fall semester and immediately assumed the role of Travel section editor alongside another staff member. As a section editor, I was charged with ensuring the travel section always had quality pieces and would pitch ideas to make that happen. I also contributed as a writer and editor. In the Spring I assumed that role alone, and that was the first semester I helped with a print edition. The Editor in chief at the time led the project, and taught me InDesign and how to layout the articles into print format. I really enjoyed the project and knew I wanted to continue making print editions for Loco Mag.

Other than my creative project, I have led projects to make two other, smaller, print editions for Loco Mag. I’m excited to work on this longer, yearbook style print magazine for Loco Mag to celebrate all the hard work Loco Mag staff now and in the past put in to make the magazine what it is today. It started with just three Arcadia students, and now I help lead a staff of almost 20 students. 

I’m more than halfway done formatting the articles that will be included in the 50th issue anniversary print edition and it’s been great to revisit older articles from Loco Mag’s early days. It’s really impressive to see what a group of students can do when they work together and set their minds to a project, and Loco Mag is an example of that. I’m so glad to be part of this magazine and to be able to work on this project.