I’ve been watching visual albums and music videos so that when I begin editing I can better tap into a certain style. I want to get more comfortable with how to go about editing these kinds of videos. After planning it out using storyboards, I want the video to be a cohesive piece, each song leading into the next or having something tying them together. I’ve picked out the locations for the first two songs. I’ll be filming this coming Monday at Wissahickon Valley Park for both Hi and Journey with Hi mostly being in the car and on the outskirts of the park. I explained the symbolism behind this in my previous blog post but to reiterate: the forest is meant to represent the difficulty of going on a journey. You can get lost, turned around, stopped, and so on. I still have to iron out a specific location and date for filming Feeling but I’m ideally looking for an empty beach as the sun is rising, representing having a direction and purpose.