I am starting to realize that what can be imagined in our heads can’t always be done in real life – at least for my circumstances anyway. I have a vision for how the beginning of my horror short film starts. The main character, being me, is taking a covid test but every time she takes out the Qtip it is covered in blood. What I wanted to happen was she’d do it over 3 times and the third the blood would explode out of her nose. I physically cannot make that happen. The only way I could do it is throw fake blood up my nose, a lot of it by the way, and hope and pray it doesn’t fall down into my mouth (it cannot be digested). I am willing to go far to make this idea work, but I don’t want to accidentally make myself sick. Also, I realize I have big images that I was really set on in my head but as I record the reality of the situation is kicking in. I do not have all the tools and background to make some of my goals come to life. It is frustrating, but I’m hoping that what I have will end up being worthwhile.

            Also, as I am recording, I am finding myself having a ton of fun. It’s the same feeling I had in video production class. I may not entirely know what I am going for but I get so excited to be in front, or behind, of the camera. It makes me feel like the writing that I typically do is being made right in front of me. I can now not only write a story, but I can film it too and I think that that’s pretty cool. I don’t know if it’ll be something I can ever make a career out of, as I am only an ameatur, but I definitely feel like it’s something I want to do in my free time.