Writing For The Record has been so much fun so far! Though we’re all living through a global pandemic, writing has always been a means of escape for me. Most recently, I’ve been working on the essays titled “To All The Men I’ve Dated Before” and “Daddy Issues: The Middle-Aged Men Who Could Ruin My Life.” In the first piece, I’m analyzing all of my past romantic relationships and am using pseudonyms for the privacy of these men. Though, for the most part, my romantic relationships have been stable, I’ve certainly been put into some crazy scenarios. I think this may be my favorite essay for the book, but I suppose only time will tell. For the essay about “daddy issues,” I’m discussing the middle-aged men in real life and in popular culture that I find attractive. I got this idea when my friends and I were discussing how attractive I find Severus Snape (played by Alan Rickman) to be throughout the course of the Harry Potter series. This piece is mostly sarcastic in this nature, but I do legitimately find Snape to be hot. I’m looking forward to continuing this writing process and can hardly wait to present the finished project at the end of the semester!