For my first post, I wanted to sort of map out what I was thinking the timeline would be for my project. I think this will move along pretty quickly because I already have a pretty good idea of the structure of each building, but I think the thing that will be the hardest are the tiny details of each space and how things will interact with each other. I need to gather all of my reference pictures and look those over before I really get started. I also am going to look into a Twitch membership because I think there is a built in recording and storage function that I will need to use. I want to be able to look at these places with new eyes, while also doing them justice and staying true to what they are, even with the limitations of the inventory of the Sims 4 library of objects.

I think this project will be really fun and fulfilling to do. I think at the end of it, I should have something I can look at and I can send to other people as well, specifically my family members whose houses these are based on. I want them to look at these models with admiration and have a new appreciation for the places I grew up loving. I also want to be able to look at this new chapter of my life (moving to Philadelphia), with a new appreciation, because along the way, things have been a little harder than I envisioned they would be. I think this will also be therapeutic with COVID going on as well.