My name is Isabella O’Hare and I am a junior communications major at Arcadia University. For my creative thesis project I am creating a docu series / documentary of my progress learning to snowboard at Mountain Creek in Vernon, New Jersey. For my project I used five different cameras: the GoPro Hero 5, the GoPro Hero 6, the GoPro Hero 7, the Insta360 Camera, and my iPhone 11. I experimented with different camera mounts such as a helmet mount, adhesive mounts on my snowboard, chest mounts, and selfie sticks. Since it is cold out when I go snowboarding, the cameras die quickly so I film the remainder of the day on my iPhone. I have begun editing the film that I took the first day that I went snowboarding on December 19, 2021. The film was taken with the GoPro Hero 7.

In the documentary, you can see that I go with my friend to Mountain Creek to learn how to snowboard. I asked him to teach me so that I would not have to go to skii school. This documentary and docu series will nt only be interesting because of the various camera I use during my time learning to snowboard, but I believe it also shows you that you can still have fun learning the sport without having to pay a lot of money to learn from a mountain’s skii school.

I will continue to upload videos of my progress snowboarding and the film I have with different cameras. I am very excited to share with you all the fun experiences I had using various cameras and mounts to capture my experience learning to snowboard for the first time! Stay tuned to see my progress over my winter break!