We all have desires to be someone or do something that gets us to a certain point in life.  Simply put we all have goals and dreams.   I believe the journey to achieving those goals and dreams begins with a 2 part focus or a process I call Becoming. 

Dictionary.com defines becoming as 

Be𐤟com𐤟ing [ bih-kuhm-ing ] noun any process of change.  Aristotelianism. any change involving realization of potentialities, as a movement from the lower level of potentiality to the higher level of actuality.”

The process of Becoming is not complicated. In fact, it is boldly compounded right in the word be-coming.  It begins with a focus on unbecoming what the world wants you to be and find the courage to “Be” your authentic self. Inside the authentic and shall I say the originally manufactured you is  a world of gems, skills and wisdom the universe is waiting on. Taking the time and strength to get to know yourself, opens up the pathway to self acceptance and self value. Once self acceptance and self value is present, worldly views and labels placed on you don’t stand a chance.  Now that your focus is clear about who you are, you have unconsciously set a force field or a gate around the journey of what is “Coming” next in life.  

The “Coming” is the plan to realize the dream or goal of a greater potential. Unfortunately, this plan also attracts distractions. Luckily, you took the time to “Be” and created a force field to keep you focused on the plan and the will to say no to things and ideas that don’t line up with what you are to “Be”.