The beginning stages of my creative project have been finalizing the articles that I will be formatting into the print edition and creating the template for it. I’ve also started the process of formatting articles. I format articles into individual files first, and at the end, I will compile them all together into one document. The formatting process is fairly straightforward, I copy and paste the text into the template, then format it to the right font, size,  and spacing. After the text is settled, I add in any pictures from the document. Every article has a featured image, which goes either above or below the title. If the article has any other images, I add them throughout the article. I try to ensure each article has at least a couple of images to ensure it’s not page after page of text only. If the article does not have any images, I try and find some related images on Unsplash or another website.

I’ve also been talking to Michael Dwyer about trying to compile a contact list of past Loco Mag Editors in Chief to see if they would be willing to write a short “Letter From the Editor” to introduce the articles that were published under their leadership. Hopefully, I will be able to get some of them to contribute and reflect on their time at Loco Mag and how it has helped them in their current professional careers. I know that I have learned a lot and gained a lot of experience from my time in Loco Mag and every interview I’ve had, the interviewer has been really interested in Loco Mag, so I’m hoping that Loco Mag alumni will offer some insight on how Loco Mag has helped them.