After exploring my options, I have decided to stick to TouchDesigner. It is easier to work with than HTML. The drawback is that it would take a little while to understand how to make TouchDesigner scripts work with tabs the same way it would in HTML. HTML would require me to have different links tied to images that would let me swap between screens, but it would not allow me to jump to a specific time signature on whatever media is playing. Using TouchDesigner I can keep all of the media set to play alongside each other. I would have to switch between scenes by switching between video files, but I think I can work around this by making backgrounds to all of the videos that make it look like the video file itself is an interface. It is a bit janky, but I feel like I could make it work. TouchDesigner lets me preform scenes in either a fullscreen mode or a windowed mode. If I preform in a window, I think I would be able to make it look like a normal program. I would have to know a bit more python than I do now in order to get HTML working the way I want it to, but I would be able to run this in an actual window by default. Workflow would be easier in HTML if I knew python better, but TouchDesigner is optimal for my purposes anyhow. I was able to script a selector for all of my video files and get them to work together nicely.