In my last update I expressed how I had higher expectations for myself and my content, but now that I am posting more regularly my content is doing better than I expected! I’m posting 3 videos a day currently, and will be posting 4 per day in the upcoming week and then 5 the week of capstone. My current most popular video is at 18.1 thousand views with 1247 likes, 32 comments, and 42 saves. Most of my content averages in the 300 view range with a few hitting around 1000-3000 views depending. I’ve been keeping up with trends that are present on both of my for you pages (my thesis and personal accounts), and I’m incredibly excited to see where my account is by the 28th. I’m hoping to reach 10,000 likes by thesis presentations and I am just over halfway there with 5,225 likes on my page total. Overall, my post frequency has gotten me much more engagement on my account than I thought and I’m very pleased with how everything is going. My goals in the beginning of the semester have been changed, though regardless of that I’m very pleased with how muy project is turning out.