Today is the day! I am working/also shadowing my boss, Allie, all day for a Philadelphia Flyers game day. Normally as an intern I would not arrive to the Wells Fargo Center until 3pm for a 7pm game, but got here bright and early with Allie at 8am. I have spent the day being her shadow, taking photos for my photobook, taking notes, and making a timeline of her busy day. By the time I submit this the game won’t be over yet, but so far the day is going well. Although I know what her job entails for the most part, it has been super interesting to be here from the very start of her work day. It really shows just how much she does in preparation for a game. Today specifically is a little crazier than normal because we are playing the New York Rangers, who just made a huge trade for Patrick Kane. Allie is getting many reporters/media members coming to the game against the Rangers for that reason only. It should be a good game and I am excited to see how the rest of the day goes!