Patience is exhausting. At this point in the process, I’m working to promote Phantasm and collecting submissions. There are just under two weeks left to submit, and with my experience working on other magazines is that the bulk of submissions come during the last few days (or hours sometimes). While I wait, I’ve been working on some other pieces so that when I get all of the content I can hit the ground running and get the print edition made as soon as possible. Earlier this week, I built a template in Adobe InDesign for both poetry and fiction final layouts. Alongside that, I set up an InDesign booklet that allows me to organize the order of individual documents and ultimately get a print copy of the layout made from it. I’ve never used this tool before, so there’s a chance that it does not work but I was happy to try something new. Here is a screenshot of what one of the templates looks like:

Aside from the InDesign work, I’ve made some memes and graphics to post on Instagram (@phantasmlitmag) and there will still be more to come. The Phantasm Instagram seems to be relatively successful so far and many of the posts have been reposted on other student’s and organization’s pages. Things are going smoothly, and with the submission deadline right around the corner I’m looking forward to taking this momentum right into building the print edition!