Hi there, second blog time! On the theater side of my project, I just finished writing the first draft. My script is entitled “Into the Light” and its premise arises from a short story I wrote a couple years ago just for fun. I think instead of a full production I want to just do an indepth table read. I’m focusing on three specific and different aspects of the story for my video project, the aesthetic, the background, and the characters. 


The beginning of the video will be about the aesthetic that I think surrounds the script I’m writing. This will include the aesthetic of where the people in the world of the script live, how they feel, what they think, etc. The second part of the video is about the background of this script. What prompted me to write this script regarding the specific nature of the script. What my inspiration was? What prompted me to pick these characters? What prompted me to pick this setting? Potentially even the playlist of songs that got me in the mindset to write this script. The third and final part of the video will be a sort of deep dive into each character to figure out what makes them tick, what their desires are, their fears, etc.  


Currently I’m working on creating graphics for each of the three parts of the video. The picture I’ve included this week is a sketch of the opening logo of my video. I’m also working on solidifying what specifically about each character I want to ‘know’ for my character investigation.