Welcome to my second blog ♥

I’ve been doing a lot of research on the idea and aesthetic of “Bimboism”. I know the topic sounds a bit silly but I’ve been reading some really nice analysis on how the style of hyper femininity has changed since about the 2000’s. A lot of articles brought up the “Girlboss” movement as like the antithesis of the “Bimbo” aesthetic. There’s so many ways to frame this movement but I feel like for the most part I just want to document it and how TikTok has nursed this movement to become such a diverse community. Although I really like the analysis aspect of my research, I also want to consider my personal anecdotes of my own relationship with femininity. One of the reasons I like this movement is because it’s so inclusive and you don’t have to look like a Playboy bunny to be a part of it. I feel it also helps me to heal my inner child. I remember not liking pink because it was seen as too “girly” and that meant weak or not cool. As an adult, I see through that BS and I feel I finally can embrace pink. I want everything pink and glittery and that’s okay!

In terms of progress on my project, I’m working on my script and basically storyboarding how I want my scenes to look. I’m considering if I want to invest in having props. My wardrobe for the video is something else I want to consider. I most likely will do my makeup but I have no idea what I could wear. I really want to be as cute as possible but life happens so I might as well be in my athleisure.

Also Honorable Mention: Chrissy Chlapecka who’s basically the Queen of “Bimbo TikTok” and she’s mentioned at least once in all my research. We love that for her.