It’s a week until thesis day, and I’m overwhelmed with how much I still need to do. I have since learned how I am going to embed the interactive “mini games” for my poetry website, and I’ve finished my final theory and critical analysis. It’s all coming together, even if it isn’t how I originally imagined it. I’m excited to finish these projects, but I’m also nervous. I’m nervous because what happens now? Once we graduate, we’re all going to be trying to find Big People jobs in the field during a really fucking unfortunate time. We were supposed to graduate into a flourishing Jon market, and now we’re graduating into a flourishing pandemic. It’s unfair and annoying, but we can’t do anything about it. If I could learn microbiology in a few weeks, I’d be searching for a vaccine so we can get our lives back on track.

 However! That’s! Not! Going! To! Happen!

 So for now I’ll continue to sit in bed with my computer and hope that I’ll be employed in the near future.