As all the quarantine guidelines and travel restrictions were being unfolded and everything took a turn for a more serious route, I was in JFK Airport on a flight to London England to visit my significant other and celebrate my final spring break of my college career with my friends. My friend Maurice and I sat in the airport and weighed our options as it pertained to getting on the flight and what it would mean for getting back home. We opted to get on the flight, since we paid for it and had already taken time off work to do so. On March 11th, we boarded a flight into the unknown. Two weeks and one cancelled flight later, we flew back on separate planes to get on renewed flights funded by the airline. Coming back was weird, and it felt strange trying to acclimate myself to quarantining and attempting to complete tasks on time. I felt like everything I knew was so different from when I had left, and being back felt kind of depressing. I took a few days to collect my thoughts and do what I do best, write music. Eventually, I was able to channel some of the emotions I felt into words and sonics. They are incomplete but still represent my determination to bounce back and get the show on the road. I am still not completely done with most of the work I started, but I am doing my best, and for me that is more than enough.