When I was eighteen, I went to my first and only women’s march. I figured that if I had a vagina and was anti-Trump I should probably go. It was in Asbury Park New Jersey and full of eclectic and passionate people. I listened to intense conversations about Planned Parenthood, intersectional feminism, and other topics I did not know could exist. Almost everyone had created such beautiful signs and posters detailing their dearest causes. Everything made me feel pretty “woke” until I saw a sign that read, “keep your rosaries off my ovaries.” I felt like a huge fraud as I tucked my cross necklace down my shirt. For a moment there I forgot I was a closeted bible thumper who was still struggling to figure out my feelings on abortion. As the years went on and I started to work on my creative thesis project, my thoughts on the politics of abortion changed to something more secular. I read more about the consistent life ethic, and that maybe we all deserve a life free from violence. Perhaps my head is stuck in the clouds and my ideas are ludicrous, but we have all met someone whose opinions are laughable. I do not think there really is a right answer for anything in this life, only what is right for you.