Well, this is it. The last episode of Cut for Time will be uploaded along with this post. Don’t worry, there will be one final post next week to conclude my capstone project. I hope you all enjoy this episode I recorded with a true goofball. In exciting news, I have a job offer that I decided to accept. I’m very happy that I’ll have a job to go to after graduation, especially because of everything that’s going on right now. I’m grateful to have this opportunity and to not have to stay in my hometown. I know that sounds bad, but I’m from a small town and it’s sort of a trap. In the meantime, I’m trying to finish the semester strong and finally have my degree. It’s been a wild four years, but now I’ll have a degree, a job, and great friends. I hope you’re all doing well and soaking up all of the things that are being created right now. The Disney Family singalong, Zoom talk shows, new music being released, and music videos filmed in backyards. The only real money I’ve spent during the pandemic have been monthly charges from streaming services, which is fine with me because I’ve never used them more. It’s been nice to have more free time than I’ve had in many years, but it still feels strange. Once the semester ends, I’m channeling this free time into cleaning out my closet and room and working out. I’m putting that in writing in the hopes that some of you will help hold me accountable. Thank you in advance!

Cut For Time Episode 5: The Ogs