Before school shut down for the semester, I was contacted by Teddy Pendergrass II. I had
previously met Teddy while interning at Fox 29 during the spring 2019 semester. He came to
Fox 29 to talk to Mike Jerrick and Alex Holley about his father, Teddy Pendergrass I. Teddy was
an R&B singer who passed away 10 years ago, but Teddy II is keeping his memory alive. When
I spoke to Teddy, I told him that if he ever needed help with video work he could contact me.
A year passes by and it is the week before spring break. Teddy II contacts me about a showcase
his wife is in, and would like me to take video and photographs. I jumped at the opportunity to
reconnect with him. I was immersed in music and family while filming, which is such a
wonderful way to start in the industry.
As COVID-19 was continuing to expand throughout the country, and classes were turning to an
online format, I spoke with him about being the subject for my documentary. He was absolutely
thrilled at the idea, and we quickly scheduled a day for the interview at his home in West
This past week, I decided I wanted to challenge myself. There are so many different stories that I
can tell within this documentary, which is exciting, but also challenging. Teddy I’s story and
legacy is one that lives on with his family. He had an enormous impact within society as he was
able to beat adversity and continue to bring music to the masses.