My boudoir shoot went SO well. 

On Saturday night, I set up all of the equipment so that we could have an early start with less pressure. I then treated my models to a late-night show in Brooklyn, which probably wasn’t the best idea as they were super hungover in the morning. I had them sleep over at my sister’s house where we were going to be shooting, which was a good call. I woke them up with coffee and water bottles, and we got straight to it on Sunday morning. 

At around 8:30 AM, I started doing hair and makeup for my 3 models. It was a laid-back and fun experience, which I almost wish I had photographed as well. We had mimosas in robes and laughed a lot. 

The photoshoot just flowed as soon as everyone felt ready. My sister sprawled out on her bed saying “That was fun, let’s take a nap”, which I immediately started snapping pictures of. About 30 minutes in, I ended up in lingerie myself. It was great vibes and we had a lot of fun. After about 4 hours and a lot of sweat, I ordered lunch before everyone fell back asleep.