Thesis day is finally in sight and so is the bittersweet end to my project. I have all of the pages laid out in InDesign, and the cover ready to go (cover reveal soon to come on the zine’s Instagram!). I’ve gotten feedback from a few friends and professors so at this point I’m making final changes and hoping to submit my zine to the printer this weekend. Exciting stuff! After all of the work I put into the project, I can’t wait to hold the finished product in my hands. And I’m so so excited for all of the people who contributed work to see the finished book too.

Other than this big and final step, I don’t have a whole lot else to take care of. I’ll give my website another look to make sure everything looks good. I am also in the process of posting contributor spotlights on the Between Two Trees Instagram, and I’ll post a cover reveal soon too. I also need to send an email out to all of the contributors about when and how they can get a copy of the zine. Things are really taking shape! I was really unsure how my project would play out at the beginning of the semester, but i’m so happy with where I ended up and i’m excited to share everything i’ve done with other people soon.