What a difference since the last blog. Since then, we’ve been carrying out shows on a super consistent basis. We’re operating under a normal schedule that has been going so very smoothly. I was even able to host a one-off (maybe) show of my own and it was such a wonderful time. I also was able to fix another slight problem that we were facing on the technical side of things. We were previously unable to play any audio off of the Mac in the station, due to a loud buzzing sound that was coming from it. So what we had been doing was keeping the Mac on mute at all times, which meant no one could play anything off of it. This left only one option for the members to play their music and that was through the aux port.This wasn’t the worst problem though, as everyone had already intended on playing their music from their phones/laptops. I was still unsatisfied with this though as it kept us restricted. So one day I had gone into the station to do something else but ended up getting distracted trying to figure out how I could take care of this issue. I ended up figuring it out, due to the Gain on the Mac L & R fader being set extremely high for no apparent reason. This is what was creating the loud buzzing sound that would show up on members’ recordings. Once that was turned down, everything was good to go and I had an extra sense of relief (and accomplishment) come over me. 

Additionally, last week I hosted a table for the station in the commons. I sat there for roughly 4 hours talking to students as they walked by. I had posters laid out with QR codes on them that would take them to either the station’s instagram page, the mixlr page, or the pitch submission form. I think this went pretty well despite some unwanted attention from SGO. I had several students come up and show interest in what the station had to offer for them. The past several weeks has also seen an increase in Instagram usage. So many story posts promoting the members’ shows and officially putting out the schedule. We’ve gained a good number of followers there as well. I’m really looking forward to seeing how these final few weeks go.