We did it! Woo!! The issue has finally been resolved and I am so beyond happy to say that. After speaking with Mixlr Support and not having any luck with the tips they provided, I was beginning to lose hope. Thankfully though, as mentioned in the last blog post, the IT department replied with some advice regarding what to do and by some greater power above it worked. What a relief! Our issue, which was what Alejandro and I had thought was the case, was that there was a problem with the bitrate. Too much information being fed into Mixlr. The solution then was to turn the bandwidth down on the app to allow for a smoother & clear broadcasting experience. 

Since taking care of our issue I was able to have members go about their first shows! These were mostly test runs as everyone was going on spring break at the end of the week. For some though, they seemed to pick up on things perfectly fine and got things working well. I came in most days to assist with everyone’s first run. In fact, the day after the station was fixed, I had asked two members, Collin and Liam, if they had wanted to do a test run. They came in, we ran their show and everything went wonderfully. I’m really looking forward to the upcoming week post spring break, where we’ll be able to fully get into the swing of things. Not only that, but we can begin promoting now that the station will be actively functioning. All things considered, this is a great position to be in coming back from spring break.