Over the past few weeks I feel like I’ve made some good progress on my project! I think last time I talked about setting things up for the second (and hopefully more successful) issue of the magazine. Since then, I set a deadline for submissions on April 22, so that everyone will have about a month to get pieces together and so that I have enough time to advertise the mag better. Speaking of advertising, this past week I started making my marketing push for the mag by printing flyers to put up around campus, creating instagram posts to call for contributors and remind everyone about the types of content the mag publishes, as well as putting a “weekly question” out as a story post just to foster more engagement. Lastly, I published another article to the site this week as well, both to have some sample content on the site, but also just because I can. This article was an article I originally published with Loco Mag, but it’s thematically relevant and also one of my favorite pieces I’ve published. Over the next couple of weeks, I’m hoping to start receiving some submissions. I’ll also keep up with social media content including reminders to submit posts and story questions. I also want to write weekly pieces, most likely album reviews for this issue, so I’m definitely looking forward to that.