I’ve kind of been playing a waiting game the past couple of weeks. My first submission deadline is quickly approaching on Tuesday (3/4), so I’m just trying to prepare for prepping articles for publication and all that comes with it. I, myself have a couple of articles already scheduled to publish then, including two album reviews right now. The first album review I wrote was for the album In My Tribe by the band 10,000 Maniacs which is one of my all time favorites, so that was really fun to write. I also really like the way the site looks overall. It’s just simple black and white, but it still looks really modern and professional as well and it wasn’t even that hard to make. I’m hoping that come publishing day I’ll have a few more submissions, but honestly I didn’t feel great about my marketing strategy this time around. I felt like I could’ve really used print advertising and even a department-wide email to help get the word out a little better than just via instagram posts and stories, which is why I’m glad I get to kind of do everything a second time for the next issue. We’ll see how it goes!