I started working on all the bones of the project the second to last week of December. This is my 10th week working on things and I’d say I am in a pretty good place. I have a system down and a finalized decade schedule! I still haven’t been able to go live on the radio, however my focus has completely shifted from that aspect of this project. I am currently working on brainstorming ideas on how I can sort of fabricate a radio show. The only idea I’ve come up with is Spotify for Podcasters. It’s this newer platform where the software provides all the aspects of creating, recording, editing and posting an hour of content. Since my show is aiming to be 2 hours, I still have to do more research. My other idea was to just do live streams of the show… play the music from my laptop and broadcast it that way. I really do not want to do it that way. So other than that. I am just chugging along with the zines and the playlists and the website. I’m excited to see everything done! I’m aiming for the middle of March for everything. Dream date: March 13th. Nightmare date: March 31st. I am hopeful!