Titles are hard to choose. They represent the work by being unique and accurate. I find it ironic that a photo essay needs a name, because photography is used to describe things and feelings without words. So far, I have come up with the titles, “Why DIII, a Student-Athlete Photo Essay,” “STUDENT-Athlete”, and “Beyond the Locker Room, the life of a Student-Athlete.” I do not know which I will go with yet, or if I will create some more possible titles. I am however still working on it by taking photos every week at any games I can go to, and I will talk to some of my friends soon about setting up some time to take some shots with them. Photo essays are interesting because I always see “less is more.” I know I will challenge this statement with my essay. Less can be more when there is more in the first place. But I have never seen a photo essay of student-athletes. I really want to capture the essence of not only what being a student-athlete is, but why students choose to be athletes as well. Being a student, as well as friends with a lot of student-athletes, I feel I can offer a different perspective to college athletics.