Thesis has come to an end and there are now only a few more days left in the semester. Over the course of this semester, I have not talked much about my written thesis.

I wrote my written thesis on semiotics and spectacle and the influence and interpretations of comics, memes and propaganda. To aid in the discussion of this subject I heavily relied on the scholarly works, Mythologies by Roland Barthes and Society of the Spectacle by Guy Debord. These two theorists provided the basis of how I discussed different comics, memes  and propaganda throughout the ages and their changing interpretations and influence over time. I looked over many different types of comics, memes and propaganda. One being the iconic uncle sam posters. Some other images I used were of Rosie the Riveter, the Pepe the frog meme and the Don’t Tread on Me flag. All of these images had different interpretations and influences throughout different cultures. Some interpretations and uses of these images were more positive and some were more negative to a society.


Attached to this page is also the slideshow used in the presentation of my written thesis. These slides explain more about my concept and different definitions within my thesis.


Cheers to an end to such a big project and here is to new beginnings!