Spectrum: A Look Inside


Spectrum brings to life various aspects of my personality. The idea came from the concept of sexuality being a spectrum, the color spectrum, and my spectrum of emotions. I wanted to tie these concepts together and create a journey of myself through a series of photos. The various photos feature my struggles within myself as gay male, while simultaneously celebrating who I am.


Finally, the day has come when I finished my thesis project. I was honestly afraid that I would be scrambling at the end but it feels good to be ready to present. I do have some beef with Blurb.com because my photo books did not turn out the way I expected them to. The quality is not worth the money in my opinion and I’m disappointed with how flat many of my photos look inside. The shots themselves are so vibrant and colorful, yet Blurb drained all the life and style out of them. I’m pretty frustrated but at this point there’s nothing I can do, just gotta work with what I’ve got. Luckily, I have some super awesome large prints to display in addition to the book. While it still isn’t perfect, I’m really happy with how all my photos turned out and the story is told through the different colors and atmospheres. I hope that everyone understands and doesn’t just think I’m trying to be narcissistic but also oh well if they do!