In today’s digital age, social media is not just a platform for personal use, but business use as well. Big companies such as Walmart, Target, and Starbucks use social media religiously to promote their business. This is also the case for many
athletes who want to create a personal brand, or even small businesses who want to spread the word about their company. Regardless, it has become a key necessity in business success and popularity. Onevery specific social media platform is Instagram. Instagram which was once  used for users to upload pictures for friends and family to see, has quickly become a business necessity. Businesses are able to take advantage of specific Instagram business tools to grow their
audience. This can range from creating a contactcard, to using paid promotions and more. The useof Instagram can bring bigresults to a business or influencer when used appropriately and efficiently. In this guide, I will be showing how various accounts can use Instagram in their
business model, all it’s attributes, and how tomeasure results.