While my project is doing well, I am not!

I have made a ton of progress, the fashion line is halfway done, but my physical and mental health are slipping. It is really difficult to work a full time job, attend school full time, all while attempting to manage my various illnesses. While juggling all of these things is difficult, I find that expressing myself creatively is one of my coping mechanisms. I feel this is why my project is coming along so quickly. I use fashion as a way to focus my mind on something other than the fact that I will be manically depressed for the rest of my life . . . Anyway! About the project:

Here is a bulleted list of all of the garments I have so far


  • Crocheted headwrap
  • Three crocheted tops
  • Black swimsuit style undergarment
  • Distressed skirt

Here is a bulleted list of more garments I plan to make:


  • Crocheted scarf/neck wrap
  • Sewn tops
  • Sewn or crocheted dresses
  • Sewn or crochet skirts
  • Accessories

Moving forward, I hope to get my mental and physical health in a better place. I’m happy about the turnout of my project but it’s really hard to keep pushing when I feel, well, like shit. For now, here is a photo of me modeling some of my pieces. More to come.